Discovering the Benefits of Kangen K8 Installation at Top Rydes Store

Unveiling the Power of Kangen Water: A Cost-Effective Alternative to Izumio.



7/20/20232 min read


G'day mates! Today was an exciting day as I headed to Top Rydes to install the Kangen K8 machine for the one and only Mr. Mokhtar Sutarji, the proud owner of a local store. Little did I know that this installation would lead to some eye-opening discoveries.

As I began my work, I noticed that the PureAu water in the 10l box ($9.60) that Mr. Sutarji's family was drinking was quite similar to the water produced by an undersink filter. But hold on, there's a catch! To get that top-notch water quality akin to the new K8 machine he recently acquired, it's gotta go through the Kangen machine treatment.

During our chat, Mr. Sutarji shared something interesting. He had brought along a 200ml pack of Izumio, which he told me he purchased during a trip to Japan. Apparently, it's a remedy for his daughter's occasional illness, and the pack costs around $5 AUD.

Curious to see if there's any difference, he requested me to compare the water from the new K8 machine with Izumio. And guess what? Both showed similar readings for H2 and ORP, but the pH came out at 8.14.

Mr. Sutarji then came to a wise conclusion - with the Kangen K8 machine, we can save big bucks! This fantastic piece of technology can consistently produce high-quality water just like the $5 AUD Izumio pack. But wait, there's more to the story!

I couldn't help but share a friendly Aussie laugh with him. You see, that $5 AUD Izumio pack contains only 200ml of water, whereas the new K8 machine he's got can churn out water with a pH of 8.5 or even 9.5 for the next 25 years! Now that's a real bargain.

As I pondered over the Izumio pack's secret, it hit me - freshness is key! Water must be consumed pronto or sealed up tightly in small bottles, around 200ml each, for a one-time chug.

So there you have it, folks! The Kangen K8 machine has surely left Mr. Sutarji impressed, and I'm thrilled to have unveiled the cost-effective wonders of Kangen Water. It's time to embrace this Japanese-made technology for a healthier, more budget-friendly lifestyle. Cheers!.